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Why not try Tai Chi online? If you want to learn the first few moves of the Tai Chi set, watch the following videoclips. They are excerpts from "The 108 Tai Chi Moves" DVD. As you will notice, all moves are presented from the front view, the side view and the back view. This makes it easier to learn Tai Chi online, or with a DVD.

The type of Tai Chi presented in this DVD is a simplified form of Tai Chi, which was developed by Master Moy Lin-Shin in the 1970’s, with a special emphasis on relaxation and health improvement, according to the Taoist philosophy. Because of its relative simplicity, it is a very appropriate form of tai chi for beginners.

The 108 moves presented in this DVD are the same as those I was taught by Master Moy Lin Shin through his worldwide organization.

The first videoclip presents moves 1 to 3: Opening of Tai Chi; Left Grasps Bird's Tail; and Grasp Bird's Tail.

Moves 1 to 3

The second videoclip features moves 4 to 6: Single Whip; Step Up and Raise Hands; and White Stork Spreads Wings.

Moves 4 to 6

The third videoclip contains moves 7 to 9: Brush Knee - Left; Strum the Pei Pa; and Brush Knee and Twist Step - Left.

Moves 7 to 9

This videoclip features moves 14 to 16: Chop with fist; Step Up, deflect, parry, punch; Appear to close entrance.

Moves 14 to 16

If you are a tai chi beginner and are interested in learning the whole set, you will find all the moves explained in detail - as well as the foundation exercises and the whole set in one continuous motion - in "The 108 Tai Chi Moves" DVD

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- A 12-minute recording calling out each Tai Chi move in time during the set (mp3)
- A script of the video explaining each move (pdf )
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