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"My wife and I just finished watching your 108 Tai Chi DVD. We just wanted to compliment you. The way you present it is incredibly useful and easy to follow. You move with grace - something few achieve. We are taking the class for the second time and this DVD will help us beyond measure. We will certainly recommend it to others."
Enrique and Mary, Tampa, Florida

"I must tell you that I am very impressed with your customer service. It is above and beyond my expectations. Thank you."
Elaine Clark, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Your DVD is a very informative reference, as I begin my Tai Chi practice with the Tai Chi group in Louisville, Ky. Thank you for producing such a clear and beautiful presentation. I watch sections of it daily to supplement my class sessions.
I am grateful that your instruction uses the same numbers as the reference guide by Master Moy Lin Shin. This is most helpful. The reference guide, itself, can be slightly confusing for a beginner, because the illustrations do not always show clearly the 180 degree turns.
Many thanks for your very fine work."

John, Louisville, Kentucky

"We found your DVD such a great help in between lessons we are ordering 3 more for members of our class! Does take some time to arrive but well worth it when it does! Thank you so much."
Maureen, Shropshire, United Kingdom

"I am so glad that you have gone ahead and produced this DVD which is very much needed for those who are learning. Not everyone has easy access to a centre, and the way it is taught may not suit the learning style of many. You have provided a good product and service. I like the clear, precise and athletic approach you demonstrate in the DVD and the beautiful power and flow of your movements. I am going to enjoy learning from you."
Shirley D., Cobourg, Ontario

"I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your DVD. I attend a Tai Chi class but missed a lot of classes due to travel and illness. I have a Mitral Valve problem and your story about your recovery from your operation really inspired me to continue Tai Chi and to step up my practice by acquiring your DVD. I love it, find it VERY helpful and enjoy your lovely smile at the end. Thank you for producing this DVD. I really appreciate it and find it a great teacher and motivator."
Margaret Brialey, Karrinyup, Western Australia

"May I congratulate you on producing such a excellent DVD, it really is a well structured and easy to follow course of instruction."
Warren Taylor, Pointe Claire, Quebec

"My Tai Chi DVD arrived in the mail this week. It is exactly what I need to help me see the finer details of each move."
Denise C., Stouffville, Ontario

"Great DVD. Finding your DVD very helpful to practice at home and to reinforce that which I have covered in the group. Many thanks."
John Geen, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

"I finally received the DVD today, and its great, thankyou. It has already helped. Much appreciated."
Alana Kapell, Inverary, Ontario

"The presentation was wonderful! Being able to view the moves from the 4 directions was a tremendous help for me."
Patricia L., Bronx, New York

"I want you know that I am pleased with your production. I found it refreshing. Your video will help us keep on track. Thank you for making this alternative available to us."
Bob M., Goderich, Ontario

"I find the DVD very helpful in combination with my class."
Linda Aylett, United Kingdom

Taoist Tai Chi - Tai Chi for beginners

Tai Chi DVD

The type of Tai Chi presented in this DVD is a simplified form of Tai Chi, which was developed by Master Moy Lin-Shin in the 1970’s, with a special emphasis on relaxation and health improvement, according to the Taoist philosophy. Because of its relative simplicity, it is a very appropriate form of tai chi for beginners.

You can now learn this type of tai chi on your own thanks to a very inexpensive step-by-step Tai Chi DVD that will be your constant guide.

If you are a tai chi beginner, remember that it usually takes 2 to 4 months to learn the entire set, so watch the moves, and listen to the explanations, repeatedly.

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$25 USD

The DVD is available in English and in French. Click above for the English version. If you prefer the French version, go to the page in French.

The 108 moves presented in this DVD are the same as those I was taught by Master Moy Lin Shin through his worldwide organization.

If you have questions about the DVD, please read the FAQ page before contacting us. Please note that, outside of the United States - i.e. all other countries including Canada - the delivery takes approximately 3 to 5 weeks, sometimes more.

Sample of the Tai Chi DVD content

The first part of the Tai Chi DVD presents the Foundation Exercises that should be practiced at the beginning of each session. The second part explains in detail each of the Tai Chi moves. The list of the 108 moves is included with the DVD. The third part features the full Tai Chi set in one continuous motion. (For more free content, click here.)

Introduction to the Tai Chi DVD

Order Taoist Tai Chi Moves DVD
$25 USD

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Taoist Tai Chi - Tai Chi for beginners Moves DVD - Open case
Open DVD Case
The list of the 108 moves is included with the DVD

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Order Taoist Tai Chi Moves DVD
$25 USD

International Orders: The DVD is region-free, and can be played anywhere in the world.

If you have questions about the DVD, please read the FAQ page before contacting us.

Taoist Tai Chi Money Back
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Taoist Tai Chi - Tai Chi for beginners: Yin-Yang symbol

Taoist Tai Chi - Tai Chi for beginners: Chinese characters for Tai Chi Chuan

Taoist Tai Chi - Tai Chi for beginners: Add-ons
- The full Tai Chi set, as in a mirror (mp4)
- A 12-minute recording calling out each Tai Chi move in time during the set (mp3)
- A script of the video of the DVD explaining each move (pdf)
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