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Frequently Asked Questions
regarding the "108 Tai Chi Moves" DVD

Ordering and Payments

Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. If, for any reason, you don't like the DVD, you can ask for a full refund. You will get back 100% of your original payment. Just send an email to CustomerService@Kunaki.com with your Order ID - or, better, reply to the confirmation email you received when you ordered your DVD - and ask for a refund. The charges will be reversed.

I am interested in purchasing your DVD but am hesitant to order online.

The DVD manufacturer's website – where you are taken when you click on “Order the DVD here” – is entirely secure and will process your transaction safely with most credit cards.

Is there a phone number I can call to order the DVD? I do not want to use my credit card online.

When you decide to purchase the DVD, you are redirected to the manufacturer's website, which is protected and very secure. It is an entirely automated process, so they don't take any order by phone.
We understand that you may be hesitant to use your credit card online, but there is very little risk with this website.

Do you accept payments made by PayPal, money order or cheque?

For the DVD, the manufacturer accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, but doesn't accept payments made by PayPal, money order or cheque.
For the Online version, the payment can only be made by PayPal.

I am totally amazed that PayPal is not accepted for the DVD. It is MORE secure than any credit card transaction!

I totally concur with you that PayPal is very secure. However, because of incompatibility issues which caused great delays and costs in the past, I have decided to use only the manufacturer's payment system for the DVD. This system is entirely secure and, if a refund is requested, it will be processed almost immediately.

I am trying to order the DVD online, however my order has been declined. What should I do?

So far we haven't had any order that was declined. Maybe you missed some information on the form or inserted information that was not compliant with the system (e.g. a credit card with missing numbers, a date that is already passed, accented letters, etc.) I suggest that you try again, with renewed attention.

I tried to order the DVD but the page will not load?

Sometimes, the manufacturer's page doesn't load, but the problem is always very temporary. Try a bit later.

I know many other students who are looking for this type of educational support. Do you offer quantity discounts for the DVD?

If you want to purchase a minimum of 10 DVDs and distribute them yourself, we can provide a slightly discounted price and have the manufacturer deliver the order directly to you. Please contact us.

Shipping of the DVD

I am trying to track my shipment, but the number I have doesn't seem to work.

Unfortunately, the tracking number is only valid for shipments to the United States. It doesn't work for international orders.

How long does it take for the DVD to be delivered?

You will notice that the manufacturer, located in the United States, offers only one shipping price for the whole world. This means the Americans will get the DVD faster (generally, one week) and everybody else will have to wait. For some reason, the worse country is usually Canada where it takes approximately 3 to 5 weeks to be delivered, sometimes more! In most countries, it takes an average of one to three or four weeks.

Can your DVD be sent to the United Kingdom (or to Australia, or to the United States)?

The DVD can be shipped anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions.

I would like to order your DVD but the ordering website does not contain my country under the country drop-down menu. How can I proceed with my order?

A few countries are not included in the drop-down menu because the manufacturer has experienced shipping problems with those countries. If this is the case, the best would be to arrange shipping to a friend’s or family member’s address included in the drop-down menu.

Where is the DVD shipped from?

The manufacturer, located in the United States, makes and ships the DVD on demand every time somebody orders a copy.

I live in Canada and I am worrying about cross-border duties.

As far as we can tell, this has never happened with our manufacturer. Except for the delays, the service is very reliable and relatively cheap.

Can the DVD be shipped from Canada?

The DVD is manufactured on demand in the United States and can be shipped anywhere in the world, with a few exceptions. However, it cannot be manufactured and shipped from Canada.

It's been 2 and a half weeks and I haven't received my order yet. Where is it? I'm very eager to get it!

This usually happens with shipments to Canada. Because of a combination of Canadian customs and Canada Post, the basic shipping to Canada takes approximately 3 to 5 weeks.

Technical Issues

My DVD is defective. I just received it, but I cannot play it on any DVD reader. What should I do?

It is a very rare occurrence, but sometimes a DVD can be defective. If this is the case, please send an email to CustomerService@Kunaki.com with your Order ID - or, better, reply to the confirmation email you received when you ordered your DVD - and ask for a new DVD. It will be automatically shipped to you.

Can your DVD be played in various parts of the world?

Yes, the DVD is region-free, and can be played anywhere in the world. We tested it!

Can I use your DVD on my computer?

The DVD can be played on any device that will play DVDs, including computers and DVD players.

I can watch the Online version on my home and work computers, but not on my iPad. Can you please tell me what I should do?

The fact that you can watch the video on at least one of your computers proves that the link is working. Sometimes, computers or connections (especially at work) are highly protected by firewalls or other devices that keep you from accessing a totally inoffensive link. This has nothing to do with the link.
It is impossible for me to know how your system is protected. I suggest you have your iPad checked by someone who is familiar with protection devices.

Is there any way I could download the DVD from a website?

You can order the Online version and watch it as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Is there any way to get a download for an iPad?

You can order the Online version and watch it as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Video Content

Is Part 3 of your video - where you demonstrate the entire set to show the flow – accompanied by audio calling out each move?

The third part of the video (DVD or Online) just includes the set with Asian music, which is very soothing. The moves are not announced.
However, you can find a "Calling Out Moves" audio file here.

Does the video include foundations?

Yes, the video includes the six Foundation moves.

Is the video subtitled (English or Spanish)?

The video doesn't have any subtitles, but each move is shown in great detail in the front, side and back view. The only subtitles are the name and number of each move. The video is available in English and in French, on DVD and Online.

Are the 108 moves the same as taught by Moy Lin Shin?

Yes, the moves explained on the video are exactly the same as the ones taught by Master Moy Lin Shin through his worldwide organisation, and the same as the ones I learned directly from him in the 1990's.

Do you provide intensive tai chi training?

No, but I occasionally offer demonstration classes and I sometimes teach tai chi on cruise ships.


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