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Tai Chi Set Mirror Image - Online Video
Calling Out Moves - Audio File
Script of the DVD - PDF File

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The full Tai Chi set, as in a mirror - Online Video

When you learn the set of 108 moves, you are often behind your instructor, going in the same direction, but rarely seeing what is happening in the front (hands, shoulders, feet). Conversely, you could face the instructor, but every move would be viewed in the opposite direction (e.g., left instead of right). Instead, this 12-minute video presents the whole set as a reflection, as if you were looking at yourself in a mirror. It only contains the set with background music. Be aware that it includes no explanations, no calling out of moves, no titles or numbers of moves.

- You cannot make a copy of the video and you can only watch it online.
- Once you access the video, don't forget to save the link of the video page, especially if you want to watch the video later, from another device.

Watch a one-minute sample

$12 USD

Calling Out Moves - mp3 audio file

On a soft background of oriental music, this 12-minute mp3 recording calls out each Tai Chi move during the set just at the right time. Excellent for beginners who have started studying the moves, but haven't yet memorized the whole set.

Listen to a one-minute sample

$7 USD

Script of the DVD - in PDF format

Sometimes, seeing the written word can be useful, after watching the video. Or, if you are out and don't have access to your video, you can always study the moves at your own rhythm. This pdf file contains descriptions for all 108 moves, as well as the six foundation moves. Please note: this is a bilingual document, presenting the English version first, and the French version second.

$7 USD

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